• Klaipeda University
  • 29 May 2024

Scientific and Practical Conference for Higher Education Lecturers

We are delighted to invite all higher education lecturers to participate in the final conference of the project,
The Digital Challenge in Higher Education

Date: 2024 06 14 
Venue: Aula Magna (Servise Complex “Studlendas”), Herkaus Manto 84
Language: anglų

Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain valuable insights into the latest advancements and best practices in digital education.
  • Engage in networking and collaboration opportunities with fellow educators.
  • Receive a certificate of professional development to enhance your credentials.
  • Enjoy complimentary meals throughout the conference.

Limited Spots Available!



The purpose of the conference: to share good practices about digital skills development experiences, tools, methodologies and to present the results of the D-ChallengHE international Erasmus project.

Target audience: high school teachers, lecturers, educators.

Conference program

The aim of the D-ChallengHE project is to address digital challenges in higher education, improve digital skills, and integrate innovative digital practices into educational systems. The main objectives are:
•         Promoting digital literacy by providing students and educators with essential digital skills.
•         Incorporating digital tools and methodologies to enhance teaching and learning experiences.
•         Encouraging collaboration among European educational institutions by sharing best practices and experiences.
•         Ensuring that digital education practices are open, ethical, and accessible to all.
The project engages various stakeholders, including local and international partners, academic institutions, and higher education lecturers, to create a comprehensive and inclusive digital education framework.
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