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Strategic goals of the Department of Informatics and Statistics:

The study programs supervised by the department must meet the needs of international business, be flexible and quickly adapt to changes.

It is aimed that all study programs of the department will continue to remain among the leaders in Lithuania, in terms of the quality of studies, and allow training of highly qualified specialists, as well as scientists who are able to do intellectual and creative work.

DIS science direction – Advanced information engineering and digitization technologies.

In the Department of Informatics and Statistics, a strong team of teachers, practitioners and scientists has formed, combining professors and assistant professors with many years of academic and technological experience with young enthusiastic lecturers, assistants and doctoral students. At the same time, most of the team works in the business and industrial sector, so the latest knowledge and practical skills needed for business are ensured. This allows the department to successfully conduct dynamic and creative studies, which not only contribute to the development of scientific progress, the development and implementation of new innovative IT and software solutions, but also guarantees the department's graduates wide opportunities for interesting and creative work in Lithuanian and foreign IT companies, state institutions, in various industries.

Department staff, together with students and company representatives, participate in various national and international research and commissioned projects, develop various types of software and technical equipment. Participates and organizes conferences and seminars. Active cooperation with companies is developed in the department, guest lectures by company representatives are regularly held, teachers and students go to companies for internships.

The department has been an active participant of the Erasmus+ program for many years - there is an exchange of students and teachers between universities in different countries.

Klaipėda University is a member of EU-CONEXUS – the European University for the Sustainable Development of Smart Coastal Cities (EU‐CONEXUS), which is an international European higher education and research institution that studies the smart development of urbanized coasts from a global perspective. Students of the Department of Informatics and Statistics have the opportunity to study individual elective subjects from a wide list of EU-CONEXUS partner subjects.

EU-CONEXUS partner universities:

  • La Rochelle Université, France
  • Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland
  • University of Rostock, Germany
  • University of Zadar, Croatia
  • Frederick University, Cyprus
  • Agricultural University of Athens, Athens
  • Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Romania
  • Catholic University of Valencia, Spain

All students enrolled in the state-funded Informatics and Informatics Engineering study programs receive monthly stipends of 200 euros targeted by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

Starting in September 2022, applicants to the Bachelor's degree in Informatics and Informatics Engineering can apply for 300 EUR/month from the company "Teltonika". targeted scholarship.

Students of the Department of Informatics and Statistics actively use the Study and Science Promotion Fund of Klaipėda University, which finances creative projects initiated by students. Currently developing student projects:

  1. Development of a model of the air pollution measurement system at different heights
  2. Improving the "Green Port" layout in JTGMF by introducing new features
  3. Creation of a mock-up of a smart visual product quality inspection system
  4. Development of a model and research layout of the autonomous system of the ship's movement


Employees of the Department of Informatics and Statistics

Scientific activity

Directions of scientific activity of department employees: simulation modeling, design and development of information-technical systems (business, medicine, telecommunications, transport and logistics, distributed, mobile systems), mathematical modeling of ecological, economic, physiological and technical systems, statistical analysis of space-time data and mathematical modeling, differential equations with delay.

Through scientific research, the Department of Informatics and Statistics successfully joins the joint research program "Research on sustainable development of marine cluster (technology)" carried out at the Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences.



Student activities


Head of the Department of Informatics and Statistics, Head of the Informatics Engineering Program

Doc. dr. Mindaugas Kurmis
Bijūnų g. 17, 205 cab.,
LT-91225 Klaipėda
Phone: (8 46) 39 86 78; (8 46) 39 86 78

Computer Science Program Manager

Doc. dr. Gediminas Gricius
Herkaus Manto g. 84, 301 cab.,


Technical Information Systems Program Manager

Prof. dr. Vitalij Denisov



Laimutė Brazdeikienė
Bijūnų g. 17, 206 kab.,
LT-91225 Klaipėda
Phone: (8 46) 39 89 86





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